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Brief tips about expository essay:

  • It aims to inform readers
  • Mainly comes in 5 paragraphs, i.e., two pages long
  • Include subtopics and add adequate facts, while being objective

Steps to follow when writing an Expository Essay

Writing an expository essay could be easy when you know the steps to follow. Here are the four main stages to follow:

  1. Choose a Topic

Choosing a topic for an easy subject can be tricky as a student. You should consider the following; 

Your topic should be relevant to your target audience and straightforward. You shouldn’t confuse your audience by being complex. If you have any, break it down into subtitles. You can consider the following topics.

  • Why are water and food essential to the human body?
  • Choose any two US presidents, and compare their legacies.
  • What strategies could be adopted to reduce crime in your local community?
  • What is the most efficient way to learn a new language?

When you are given the freedom to select a topic, go for something you are cognisant with. This makes it easier to put your thoughts together. 

  1. Research into the topic and plan

Research is critical when writing any type of essay. It determines the quality of work and tells readers you have in-depth knowledge on the topic. You can research on the internet, books on the subjects, and even through discussions. However, when using the internet, be mindful of the sources you use. There are many “trash” on the net currently and using authentic/trusted sites should be a priority. 

In planning, you should consider your target audience. Who is the essay meant for? Gender, age group, nationality, or even race should be considered in the planning stage. 

  1. Writing stage 

An expository, like any other essay, should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. It also usually comes in a five-paragraph form. Therefore, you have one paragraph for the intro, three for the body, and one for the conclusion. 

Your introduction must be short and catchy but clear, giving your audience an overview of what the essay is about. You should grab the reader’s attention to read more and more right from the start.

The main body is where you take the time to explain the topic further. It is where all your research and evidence you’ve gathered come to play. Organize your thoughts well and structure the body such that one thing leads to the other to keep the reader reading.

The conclusion summarises everything in one paragraph. You highlight the points you’ve made in the body with emphasis on the most important facts. 

  1. Revise your work 

Going over your work helps in correcting errors, adding up, or restating some points. In doing this, take the posture of a reader and ask yourself some critical questions like:

  • Have you done justice to the topic?
  • Did you maintain your focus throughout?
  • Are there enough facts and examples?
  • And does the conclusion summarise the main essay?

After reviewing your essay, you are good to submit it to your teacher or publish on the intended platform.

Good luck!

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Economics essay topics http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/economics-essay-topics.html http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/economics-essay-topics.html#respond Thu, 17 Sep 2020 10:59:02 +0000 http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/?p=43 Read Article →]]> Economic essays are a bit different when you compare them to other types of essays. With economic essays, you need to do a lot of research and a lot of concentration and keenness when writing it. In such an essay, the writer should have extensive knowledge of what they are writing. Economics is quite a vast field, and there is a lot you can choose to write about. You only need to be certain and confident that you can competently write the topic that you choose.

While in college, you will not escape the process of essay writing. In one institution, essay writing is a mandatory task in the curriculum. It is also essential that you write a top-quality essay to get good mars from it. However, if you feel you lack the skills or ideas of coming up with the perfect topic, you can refer to an online essay writing website, and you will easily find suitable options to choose from. 

Choosing a good topic is one of the most challenging tasks. To make it easy, you need to choose one that will not be complicated when finding content. You should conduct some research on your topic to ensure it is fit and meets the requirements. Here are some of the economics essay topics that you can use:

  • Effect of financial security on the public activity of an individual
  • How race identifies with monetary force 
  • The purchasing limit and sex 
  • Per family unit monetary investigation clarified
  • Valuable human bits of knowledge that are absent in considerable information and how this influences the economy 
  • How does the mind change when an individual is striking a lot? 
  • By what means can Uber be depicted as a part of the economy of trust? 
  • What does the economy of trust mean? 
  • Why money related prosperity satisfies a great many people 
  • Does cash fulfill a great many people? 
  • Wage segregation 
  • Crowdfunding benefits 
  • Top 10 patterns in globalization 
  • The foundation of Triangular Arbitrage 
  • How would you be able to take your business around the world? 
  • Who is answerable for the worldwide budgetary emergency? 
  • The US economy: How accomplishes it work? 
  • What is versatility in financial aspects? 
  • How does betting influence the economy?
  • How do you measure the estimation of a brand?
  • What jobs do Labor Unions play? 
  • How do settlers influence the economy? 
  • The financial aspects of medication business 
  • The Japanese economy: Features and Characteristics 
  • The Chinese Forex market 
  • Mobile innovation and its effect on the economy 
  • The impacts of globalization 
  • The impact of Facebook on the worldwide economy 
  • Analysis of the hypothesis of creation 
  • Major ideas of globalization 
  • Hedge reserves: What they are and how they work 
  • Monetary strategy 
  • Economic soundness 
  • The Chinese economy 
  • The financial matters of the administration 
  • Macroeconomic strategy 
  • The time of industrialization versus nature 
  • The shadow economy 
  • The rivalry of independent ventures against huge enterprises 
  • The lodging market examination 
  • Mortgage fundamentals 
  • Sports financial matters 
  • Family planning 
  • The depreciation of duties 
  • The destitution trap 
  • Family planning 
  • Assets valuing 
  • Opportunity costs 
  • Financial markets 
  • The structure of the market 
  • The financial aspects of work 

Is it correct to say that you are looking for an expert author to assist you with composing your financial aspects paper? Then it is your lucky day since you’ve arrived in the perfect spot. Choose a topic from the above list and enjoy some economics essay writing.

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How long should an essay be? http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/how-long-should-an-essay-be.html http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/how-long-should-an-essay-be.html#respond Thu, 17 Sep 2020 10:52:40 +0000 http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/?p=38 Read Article →]]> Depending on the level that one has reached or the subject the one is going to about, departmental guidelines, and unique course specifications, the essay’s length varies. In general terms, an essay is shorter than a thesis or research paper. Usually, one’s essay assignment will incorporate clear guidelines on the number of words and number of pages that you have been expected to write. The instructions will be given information about a range but not the exact number for the number of words. For example, a range of one thousand to one thousand five hundred words, or ten to twelve pages, and now if one is not sure of the guidelines of writing that particular essay, then they should consult with their instructor.

We have listed general guidelines for how long or short an essay should be. Make sure the mind of your essay’s quality, not the quantity, focuses on making strong analysis or arguments but not on the number of words that the essay must-have. 

Guidelines for essay lengths

  1. Essays for high school.
  2. In high schools, students are generally asked to write essays that contain five paragraphs that have a conclusion, a body of three sections, and an introduction hence totaling to five paragraphs. The number of words in these essays is generally between three hundred to one thousand words.

  3. Essays for college admissions.
  4. Essays that are meant for college admissions purposes do not require you to write a lot, but they need you to write about your motivations and interests. In this case, the word limit is stringent. The range of words required to write in this essay is between two hundred to six hundred fifty words.

  5. Essays for undergraduate college.
  6. In this case, the length or amount of words that one would be required to write in college varies from one institution to another, syllabus, course level, and department. The number of words that one would be required to write here is between one thousand five hundred to five thousand words.

  7. Essays for admission to graduate school.
  8. Applications to graduate school normally need someone to write a longer statement of purpose and a personal statement, which entails your motivations and academic achievements. The number of words that one would be required to write in this essay is between two thousand five hundred and six thousand words.

  9. Essays for graduate schools.
  10. Essays given in graduate schools vary by discipline and institutions. But the essays in this level are most likely to be very long and with many words to write. The number of words that one is supposed to write in this essay is between two thousand five hundred to six thousand words.

How long each part of the essay is

  • In an essay that is meant for academics, the body should contain most of the words because most of the argument is stated.
  • The introduction should be proportional to the essay, say in an essay of 3000 words, the introduction should be a paragraph.
  • When writing the conclusion, it should be just a paragraph and should be concise.
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Crafting A College Essay Without A Single Hitch http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/crafting-a-college-essay-without-a-single-hitch.html http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/crafting-a-college-essay-without-a-single-hitch.html#respond Tue, 02 Oct 2018 08:47:22 +0000 http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/?p=31 Read Article →]]> The biggest problem that students do is writing an essay without taking time to understand what they are writing about and the format to follow. Successful writing of essay papers requires a careful look into the topic of writing and plan of execution. Get the help of an essay writer to learn more about the requirements of writing an essay without getting stuck on the way. With good planning, you can succeed in writing your essay without experiencing any challenges along the way. Here is what professionals recommend if you want to have an easy time writing your paper and do that perfectly to the end in a flawless format:

Study Widely
Now that you have identified a good topic to write about, it is time to research widely and read from various materials to have a thorough understanding of what to include in your writing. Your essay help starts with a clear understanding of what your topic is about. It is very important to have this understanding in order to have a good flow in your writing process. It is unlikely that you will get stuck on the way if you are well-informed about the topic of your writing.

Prepare an outline
What will be included in your essay? A good essay has an introduction, a body and a conclusion. If you want to cover everything and not miss out on important points, prepare an outline for your essay. Get the help of professional writers for hire to understand more about the structure of an essay. Include each of these aspects in your essay writing process if you want to have an easy time capturing the flow of your assignment.

Write a thesis statement
Every essay has a clear guideline and guiding statement that carries the main objective of writing it. This is what is known as a thesis statement. It should be written at the end of the introductory paragraph. Make sure that it is well-stated so that the reader gets an idea of what you want to address in your essay. Get farther help from the best essay writing service about writing a thesis statement.

Seek Professional Help
If you feel that your essay is unique and special in some way, consider asking for help from a help essay company. There are experts who will guide you through the process of writing a high-quality essay. More than that, they will be able to edit and proofread your essay to make sure that it captures all sections that define the correct format of an essay paper.

Final Remarks
Get the services of professionals if you want to impress and get a good grade for your essay. To excel in your assignment, you need to take it upon yourself and learn the best ways to write your essay in the correct format. Most of these details will not be provided in the classroom and therefore, you will be required to find help elsewhere. Take note of these aspects for a successful essay writing process.

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Crafting A Winning Essay Outline Without Effort http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/crafting-a-winning-essay-outline-without-effort.html http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/crafting-a-winning-essay-outline-without-effort.html#respond Tue, 02 Oct 2018 08:45:58 +0000 http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/?p=29 Read Article →]]> Have you ever started writing your essay and got stuck immediately after you began typing? Well, it happens to many people especially those who begin writing without forming a picture of what to write about. Experts from the companies, offering custom dissertation services recommend the use of essay outlines for a successful completion of this important assignment. Therefore, it is important to learn how to draw an essay outline to have an easy time writing your essay. Take time to study and see what best you can do to capture everything in the essay that you are about to write:

Get Enough information
To write the best essay, you need to have enough information about what you want to write about. Take time to study the topic and take note of important aspects to that effect. Make sure that you understand the topic inside out in order to write the essay effortlessly. Ensure you know what others have done in the past and build your essay upon that.

Write a thesis statement
You need a thesis statement as part of your outline. This is a statement that gives direction to your entire essay. If you were to look for the best writing help online, your writer should be guided by this statement to deliver your essay in a high-quality format. It keeps your writing on track so as not to deviate from the main objective of writing your essay.

Write an Introduction line
Capture some background information leading to the establishment of your essay topic. It should be captivating enough to give the readers a reason to continue reading your essay to the next section. Go for essay writing help to understand other useful aspects of what will be required to make your essay writing a success.

List Important Items in the Body
Next after the introduction is the essay body. Come up with a list of the items to cover in your body section. Enumerate all of them based on the reading you made. List them one after another in the order in which you want to present them. This is a great tip for writing top custom essays. Make sure you order your items well in a way that has a flow to lead to a meaningful conclusion.

Write the Concluding Statement
In relation to your thesis statement, draw up a conclusion that will be written at the end of your essay. Make sure that it doesn’t conflict with your objective of writing the essay. It will be important to understand how your essay will end before you begin the actual writing.

Final Thoughts
Writing an essay can be made a lot easier by having an outline in place. In your search for professional help with writing essays, ensure that you have a clear understanding of how to write an outline as highlighted in here. This is a great way of delivering your essay assignment without getting mental blocks along the way. It is the right preparation for any writing assignment!

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Essay Topics: Advice On Choosing And Ideas http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/essay-topics-advice-on-choosing-and-ideas.html http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/essay-topics-advice-on-choosing-and-ideas.html#respond Tue, 02 Oct 2018 08:43:28 +0000 http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/?p=25 Read Article →]]> The essay writing process starts with making a good choice of a topic to write about. No progress can be made without a topic for your essay. For all those who need help in writing essays online, it is important to understand how important the essay topic is. Sometimes, most students are not able to come up with a clear and concise topic addressing a certain aspect that is worth writing about. For that reason, they may feel limited to come up with something that will lead to meaningful writing at the end of the day.

Choosing an Essay topic
You don’t just wake up one day and start writing about something. You must have spent enough time reading and researching materials that have been written in the past. This way, you will be able to identify study gaps that have been left out in past studies or something interesting that you feel will add some value to your readers. This is the secret of essay writing – taking time to study widely and draw aspects from things that your readers can relate with.

It is very important to be specific with what you are going to write about. A general topic like “The Rise of Democracy” may not be a good topic to write about. Your custom essay should address democracy in a certain region or among a certain group of people. This will make a good topic for your essay. A generalized idea may not lead to anything specific hence will have no value to your readers. Therefore, make sure that you understand what is needed in an essay topic before settling down to write one. Here is a list of topics to study if you want ideas of how to go about writing your own:

  1. The Impact of technology on our world today
  2. Human rights activism in Arab World
  3. The role of religion in our society today
  4. The rise of democracy in third world nations
  5. Investigating the role of governments in social welfare
  6. The application of technology in healthcare
  7. The Abortion Debate
  8. The future of Technology in Engineering
  9. The Cause of Unrest among students in Schools
  10. How is life like without Basic needs

Final Thoughts
Help with essays can be obtained from essay writing services that are all over online as long as you have a reliable internet connection in your computer. What seemed difficult to you during classroom sessions will be completed in a matter of minutes. Don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out what to write about. Ask a professional for help by giving them an idea of what you want to write about.

Your help with writing essays is easily accessible today. Search through the internet and establish services that have a good reputation in the delivery of quality help for students. You will be amazed at how soon you will become an expert on the same! Get expert help today and learn with the experts!

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Creating An Essay About The Laws Of Life: 8 Must-Read Guidelines http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/creating-an-essay-about-the-laws-of-life-8-must-read-guidelines.html http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/creating-an-essay-about-the-laws-of-life-8-must-read-guidelines.html#respond Tue, 07 Feb 2017 13:17:21 +0000 http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/?p=15 Read Article →]]> Learning how to write a great essay on the laws of life is an essential skill you need for academic success. There are a number of strategies you can find online, but sometimes a simple strategy is all you need. Here are 8 must-read guidelines for creating a great essay on the laws of life:

  1. Choose a Manageable Topic
  2. The first thing you should do is choose a manageable topic on the laws of life. Your topic shouldn’t be too wide or too narrow, but fall somewhere in the middle where you are exploring new areas in the field but not overwhelming yourself drastically.

  3. Do Some Background Research
  4. Start your research by looking for useful background information. This can conveniently be done online. You probably won’t need to cite your sources as you are primarily becoming familiar with your topic, but use the information to point you to some resources that could be useful.

  5. Conduct Your In-Depth Research
  6. Once you’ve gathered enough background information, you should start with your in-depth academic research. This should be done at the library where you have access to academic and government sources. Optimize your search to bring up the most relevant and credible sources.

  7. Write a Clear and Concise Thesis
  8. Now that you have a pretty good idea of what you plan to argue in your essay, you can develop a clear and concise thesis statement to guide the rest of your writing. You don’t have to get the words down right so early in the process, but your thesis statement should be developed enough to provide direction.

  9. Create an Essay Outline
  10. Gather your research notes and select your best ideas, supporting information, and examples. Arrange all of this in an outline to keep for reference as you type the first and second versions of your essay. Arrange the outline so that it logically expresses your argument in the most efficient way possible.

  11. Write the First Draft Quickly
  12. The most effective way of writing a first essay draft on the laws of life is to do so quickly, without pausing to make corrections. No matter how tempted you may be to fix your mistakes or to come up with the perfect words to express your ideas, you are better off maintaining your momentum and pushing forward. You will get a chance to make corrections at a later stage.

  13. Revise with a Clear Mind
  14. Ideally, you want to separate yourself well-enough from your first draft before you start to make your revisions. So what is “well-enough”? It’s being able to review your essay with a clear mind, so that you can be critical about your work and make the appropriate improvements necessary.

  15. Edit and Proofread Completely
  16. Finally, be sure you completely edit and proofread your essay about the laws of life before you hand it in to be graded. Even the most experienced academic writers can make mistakes in their first and second drafts. They know, however, that one must edit and proofread carefully in order to succeed in writing an excellent paper. So, don’t skip this last step!

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Basic Instructions For Composing A College Essay About Yourself http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/basic-instructions-for-composing-a-college-essay-about-yourself.html http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/basic-instructions-for-composing-a-college-essay-about-yourself.html#respond Tue, 07 Feb 2017 13:13:06 +0000 http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/?p=13 Read Article →]]> Many college students have trouble composing an essay about themselves, despite this being one of the more common assignments one will see in colleges and universities throughout the country. But like in many other areas, it’s hard trying to come up with something to say about oneself without it sounding pompous. That is why we have developed these basic instructions for composing a good college essay about yourself:

  1. Starting Your Personal College Essay
  2. When you write a college essay about yourself you are basically being asked to write some experience or event from your life. Think about your college essay like a story and as such should begin with something that immediately hooks the reader and transports him or her into your world.
    Don’t waste words with a simple introduction; start with a bang, something entirely unexpected. Follow this with some background information or detailed setting, but not too much that you lose the reader’s interest. By making a connection in the first few sentences your reader is more likely to want to read even more.

  3. How to Write About Sensitive Topics
  4. There are times you are given topics to choose from or you are allowed to develop one for your own, regardless of your options you may decide to write about something sensitive in your life. The first thing to remember is your reader; your topic must be appropriate material your reader won’t find offensive.
    Also, be conscientious of writing about other people. While you may have a personal relationship or connection with this person, you don’t want to provide any personal details that might implicate them or identify them with something for which they did not provide consent.

  5. Finishing the Personal College Essay
  6. There are several students that find ending the college essay just as hard as starting it. But what makes it so difficult? Many believe that it’s hard to write an ending when one’s life isn’t truly over. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to focus on just the central theme you’ve discussed throughout the essay.
    Think about where the story you have just told actually end? If you are discussing an event that led to you wanting to join nursing school, when did that event actually end? If you are discussing a time when you had trouble learning a new language, you can end your essay with the feeling you had in earning your first A in that class. If you think that you’re good at writing, consider applying for a freelance writing job at Writing Jobz.

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10 Literature Essay Prompts To Boost Your Interest in The Subject http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/10-literature-essay-prompts-to-boost-your-interest-in-the-subject.html http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/10-literature-essay-prompts-to-boost-your-interest-in-the-subject.html#respond Wed, 06 Jul 2016 09:12:26 +0000 http://www.dickensachristmascarol.com/?p=5 Read Article →]]> A lot of times, students fail to observe basic rules of writing and the end result has always been attainment of poor grades in not only regular essay writing exercises but also in term paper writing. Well, over the years, efforts have been made to assist students facing problems with writing a good academic papers and one of the suggestion which has been forwarded by scholars to help students craft something phenomenal is writing prompts. The question is; what are writing prompts and how do they help students partake in the activity of composing academic papers with much ease?

According to Myhomeworkdone.com agency, writing prompts basically denote key areas, events or people or aspects from which a student can come up with a good academic paper topic. For example, if you are a student of environmental studies, there are plenty of things that goes around in the environment and which you can use to better your understanding of literary composition. It is from this that you can begin to brainstorm on among things, the probable topics you can write on. With writing prompts, it is therefore agreeable that academic paper composition has become a lot easier compared to many years back when everything was left to students.

In book and on the web, you can find thousands of writing prompts on any topic. However, it is always important to ascertain what you are looking into as possible writing prompt as credible so that at the end of the day, you have something meaningful to put down on paper. In this post, we take you through some literary essay prompts that will help boost you interest in writing, so read on for more information.

  1. The environment. You can brainstorm on a number of essays topics on the environment then come up with phenomenal masterpiece
  2. Diseases are all around us. This is also another area you can base your writing on by narrowing down to a particular topic
  3. A global disaster is also another area to think about and here you can talk of floods, earthquakes and wars.
  4. Global warming is also a good prompt to help you come up with a great essay topic
  5. Politics and leadership is another ideal prompt to help you get a topic idea
  6. Terrorism and radicalization is also another interesting area to look into
  7. Technology can give you an idea of which topic to create an article on
  8. Social media and learning is something you should think about
  9. Teenage and early pregnancies
  10. Gendered violence is a good area to delve into
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